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Amid life challenges four women reveal their stories of heartache, disappointment, and fear as they bring their petitions to the throne of God.  Each woman’s experience becomes a true encounter with God that leaves them healed, delivered, and set free.


Designed with a special ending, One Night With The King of Kings will leave audiences in awe of the power of God as each woman has her special encounter with God.  A great evangelistic tool for ministry, One Night With The King of Kings reaches the hurting and loss with the message of love, healing, and the power of God.



Life-long friends Gmama, Gertrude, Mildred, Merna and Ester live together in the Saintsville Nursing Home dealing with the daily realities of their own mortality with humor.


However, new life comes to their mundane world when each woman’s faith is put to the test after learning about the strained relationship between Ester’s granddaughter, Destiny and her husband Ricky.  Chalked full of old-school humor and music, Saintsville is a light-hearted comedy that shows the importance of God’s love, His redemptive power and the need for forgiveness no matter the age.



With the unexpected death of his father, Jabari a troubled teenager has an unusual encounter with a line of interesting ancestors that leads Jabari on a journey where he discovers not only his strong heritage but his purpose as a man and as a child of God.


A journey full of history and life lessons Jabari and the audience will leave The Ancestors believing in the love of family and in the power of God that transcends time.



A 20-year class reunion becomes a mystery night for the Class of 1999 where friends intently try to uncover who is the mysterious beautiful woman attending the reunion. Intrigue and humor make The Class Reunion a must-see!


For the Class of 1999, they will learn the importance of the (3) R’s- Restoration, Redemption, and Relationship as it relates to the Word of God.

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