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We will love your partnership!

Why donate?

Dominion Theatrical Productions, LLC’s stage plays are a ministry that helps the hurting heart heal through inspirational and encouraging drama. In addition, we like to support and/or spotlight those organizations that are helping individuals and families through their hurt and time of need.

How can you partner with Dominion Theatrical Productions, LLC?

Your partnership with Dominion Theatrical Productions enables us to not only have the operating expenses to produce heartfelt ministry stage plays that strengthens, encourages, and restores the individual. It also allows us to continue to do outreach in the community, employment for residents including giving out internships, awarding grants/scholarships, travel, room and board expenses, etc.


We have several ways that you can partner with us.  You can subscribe to our monthly newsletter called “Dominion” for only $10.00 a month.  The newsletter is an informative way to stay on top of the great things that Dominion Theatrical Productions is doing.  It has great Christian commentary, scripture for the day, stage play updates, sponsorship recognition, and fun facts, etc.  The second way you can partner with us is through sponsorship.


Your sponsorship dollars will allow you to receive based on the value of the sponsorship discounted stage play tickets  (if a play is in your area), as well as marketing opportunities to have your name and logo recognition on our website and on all of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).  And lastly, you can make a donation of any size in your name or a loved ones’ name and get recognized on the Business Partners/Sponsors wall page of our website

If you would like to know more about the sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Public Relations Department, at 844-777-2226 or email

Special Note: Dominion Theatrical Productions, LLC is a for-profit organization and any donation or sponsorship is given is not tax-deductible. However, for each donation and sponsorship received, a percentage will be given back to nonprofit agencies that align with the mission and vision of Dominion Theatrical Productions of helping people and transforming lives for the better.

Donate & Partner With Us Today! 

Thank You for Your Support!


Please call our office at 844-777-2226 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.


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